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When you work with the Gryphon Group, you gain a partner who will help guide you and work alongside of you at all stages; from identifying your strategy for success all the way to how to achieve that success. The team brings with them years of experience and a passion to deliver. We compliment your team, your goals become ours and when we succeed, we do so together.

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Physician & Stakeholder Advocacy

We’ll connect you with stakeholders we know will make you successful.

  • Relationships are key to successful plans and we’ll connect you with physicians and key medical association contacts that will empower and activate patient communities and physician organizations.

  • Our extensive experience and the relationships we’ve built with national and regional thought leaders will pave the way and build advocacy for your program or brand.

  • We know that key opinion leaders are pivotal in ensuring that patients' needs are included in the treatment of their disease and we’ll help get you there.

Four doctors talking at a table in a mod
Physician & Stakeholder
Stakeholder Mapping

Mapping out a clear plan is the first step in a successful journey. 

  • We will help your organization match the right combination of stakeholder engagement and expertise to your goals. 

  • By mapping stakeholders to different levels of engagement we can better understand their levels of interest and/or influence which will guide strategic plans forward. 

  • Our activities will then provide a clear picture of those who support and oppose, allowing you to determine your objectives.  

Advisory Board Facilitation & Support

Your partner at the table, when you need a little extra support. 

  • When it comes to Advisory Boards with KOL’s or other stakeholders, we can provide a supporting hand with the coordination and facilitation as needed, in-person or virtually.  

  • Every meeting will be conducted with best-in-class standards. We’ll take care of the meeting summaries, reports, and action lists so you and your team can focus, participate and contribute to the tasks at hand.  

Launch Planning

We’re your go-to, when you’re ready to go-to market.

  • You’re finally ready to launch! ! After all the work you’ve done to get to this point, we’ll help you launch successfully with a unique approach suited to your product and/or brand. 

  • We’ll work hand in hand with your cross-functional teams and ensure alignment with key stakeholders at all levels and ensure a successful team launch. 

  • From managing the nitty gritty details to full strategic plans, we’ll customize a go-to market plan, so you can focus on next steps. 

Training & Development

Working with your team to bring out the best in them, so they can bring the best to you.

  • Each of our training programs are customized and tailored to your business needs. 

  • We cover a wide array of disciplines including: 

    • In-person or virtual facilitation sessions 

    • Territory management to strategically target and adapt to various stakeholders and decision-makers

    • Effective questioning and how-to become a healthcare partner and communicate value in a meaningful way

    • Communication skills for the consultative selling process and needs-based dialogue

    • Curriculum in development of sales representative competencies

    • Workshop development and implementation to include:

      • pre-work case-studies and real-world scenarios and examples to build real-world skill sets coaching guidance to ensure pull-through of learning

Strategic Planning

Are you ready to work with a dynamic team of strategic experts who are passionate and experienced?

  • We’re as excited and dedicated to achieving your organization’s visions and goals, as you are. You’re unique and your corporate and brand plans will be customized to reflect that.  

  • Our expertise in workshop design and facilitation brings teams together through exercises and engagement sessions and result in best-in-class techniques, equipping teams with skills to face the competition.   

  • No matter the task, we become a part of your team. Helping you determine the best resources to deploy by analyzing your audience and delivery channels to ensure brand performance and share is maximized.

Market Assessments 

From first time launches to new market launches we’ve been there before.


  • Your customer is key to your success and we’ll help you understand them better.

  • Entering the Canadian market for the first time or the tenth time or launching into a brand-new area for your organization, we will start with a comprehensive review and analyze external environmental factors and market trends that will inform your market entry.

  • An informative SWOT analysis will guide and support the decisions you need to make in determining the most effective resource allocation. You can do that with full confidence.

Businessman on blurred background using
Competitive Intelligence

It’s best to know who’s playing in the same game as you. We make sure you get to know who they are.


  • With our Competitive Intelligence service, you get our expertise in gathering, analyzing and managing market information and the external business environment – that will put you ahead of the competition.

  • We identify potential external threats and give you the edge against your competition by arming you with the information and intelligence you need to be one step ahead.

Competitive Analysis
Launch Planning
Strategic Planning
Market Assessment
Lifecycle Planning

Understanding where you are now and where you need to go, is our speciality.


  • We work with the people who’ve ‘done this right’ and we can share that experience and expertise with you.

  • We’ll customize a support program, based on where you’re at in your lifecycle that looks at the research, data, and digs into the Why’s and So-What’s. We’ll give you answers to questions you have and more.

Business development to success and grow
Lifecycle Plannin

Having years of past experience in this field is a huge asset when informing the future. 

  • Forecasting can be challenging in a dynamic market, so having the experience of our team and utilizing our network of KOL's and industry contacts, building forecasts becomes more accurate with all the stated assumptions.

  • We bring a very skilled and disciplined approach to completing market forecasts helping you feel more confident in your decisions 

Loss of Exclusivity

We have tools in our toolkit that we’ll happily share with you, to build your business.

  • The Gryphon Group PLAYBOOK is a customized resource provided to you that supports the LOE team's decisions. It consists of:

    • Environmental review of the current marketplace and explains interchangeability and payer tendencies across the country

    • Provides a database of analogs and competitive knowledge on previous challenges

    • Describes the generic behaviours and pricing expectations

    • Works with the internal team to map out tactical plans for scenario planning

    • Builds forecasts and assumption models based on the scenarios

Close up top view of diverse businesspeo
Staff In Busy Lobby Area Of Modern Hospi
GPO & Hospital Management

We act as your specialists and your support. 

  • The Gryphon Group provides unique expertise and we will provide you with the best in class advice and information, on-going support and training to ensure your resources are effectively managed while working with hospital pharmacies, cancer agencies, or buying groups. 

  • We can customize the level of support you require and provide strategic pricing forecasting, RFP identification and completion, and leveraging of value proposition offerings to maximize returns with minimized effort and resources.

Loss of Exclusivity
Business Productivity

Your trusted source for improved business results


  • To be competitive, organizations need to look at more than just increasing revenue. To positively impact the bottom line, they need to be looking at their business productivity, find ways to successfully manage projects, continually improve, and discover new ways to work smarter.

  • Enter the Gryphon Group, let our Project Management Professional accredited and LEAN certified team uncover business productivity opportunities for your organization. Let us help you plan, execute, and lead your next project to success. Leverage our experience and let us help you get rid of the firefighting, the waste, and frustration in your ways of working. Improved business productivity, improved business results, we can help get you there.

Company executive presenting new managem
Business Productivity
Digital Marketing

What’s marketing without digital? Just marketing! We’ll take you one step further.

  • We’ve taken brands that one step further to engage at a personal level with clients and customers, making an impact from the first engagement. 

  • It starts with knowing a brand’s needs and then customizing the digital strategy to suit. From SEO, social media campaigns, podcasts, targeted advertising to raise awareness or reinforce messaging and more, the digital strategy takes marketing to the next level to reach internal and external stakeholders and HCP’s, achieving brand goals along the way. 

  • Whether you need to increase awareness, reinforce messaging, or maximize engagement of HCP’s, we can assist in meeting your brands' goals

Digital Marketing
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