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Experience-Led Solution Experts  Strategically Successful

Providing strategic consultation services for the healthcare industry, the Gryphon Group is an agile and experience-rich organization that specializes in the field of cancer, rare diseases and specialty drug markets. They are invaluable partners, that brings a unique skill set that delivers focused solutions from early development to implementation with a focus on the patient.

Working with industry leading professionals to bring expertise in-house to your organization, best practice into your processes and ensuring your team is set up for a successful future.

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The Ever-Changing Healthcare Environment

Gryphon Group is a trusted and experienced pharmaceutical-focused consultant company that thinks big but operates as a unique firm. Agile and focused on the success of companies, their products and their people, the team at Gryphon can easily be imported into your daily workflow and quickly mobilize alongside your team. Specializing in pharmaceutical consultation with a passion for oncology, cancer and rare disease, the team at Gryphon utilizes their best relationships to bring forward strategic recommendations and go to market solutions throughout your engagement and beyond.

Our Services

When you work with the Gryphon Group, you gain a partner who will help guide you and work alongside you at all stages; from identifying your strategy for success all the way to how to achieve that success. The team brings with them years of experience and a passion to deliver. We compliment your team, your goals become ours and when we succeed, we do so together.

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