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Case Study One

A pharmaceutical company with drug therapy in highly competitive AML market

Objective - need to establish competitive positioning and provide market assessment and Financial LRP



  • Multiple products within this specific blood cancer area

  • Limited KOL’s identified or advisory boards completed

  • Poor assumption and forecast model had been completed

  • Reimbursement model was challenging and not well understood by team

  • Limited clinical trial experience completed in Canada



  • Contacted a number of KOL’s to understand current treatment paradigm

  • Documented the reimbursement and market access expectations

  • Researched target audience list for each province of treaters

  • Reviewed guidelines established by Canadian Agencies

  • Workshop to determine corporate brand positioning

  • Conducted competitive war game exercise

  • Developed financial forecasts for Year 1, 3 and 5 for the product launch

  • Developed Go – To Market Recommendation on resourcing and deployment

  • Drafted suggested launch plan with critical success factors

  • Development of effective brand positioning

  • Identified National KOL for Advisory Board

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